Salmon Miso-Mayo




准备时间15 分钟
CourseSecond Course


A tempting salmon dish. Miso-Mayo goes well together, which brings mouthful flavor to this dish. The cooking way (salmon sealed with foil) make the salmon taste so soft and juicy.


4 salmon (fillet)
1 green onion (whit parts only)
4 mushroom (shittake)
30Gramcheese (grated)
3Tablespoonmise (red or white)
  sesame (ground)
  shichimi (optional)


1. Mix mayo and mustard sauce, stir until the mixture is very smooth
2. Trim the salmon, four pieces of fillet. Make a deep cut in each of fillet without cutting through them completely.
3. Cut four pieces of foil each large enough to enclose a salmon fillet. Spread the Miso-Mayo sauce in the middle of each foil, and then top the onion and sliced mushroom.
4. Place a portion of salmon on the sauce.
5. Spoon the remain Miso-Mayo sauce into the cuts in the salmon and top with the cheese.
6. Sprinkle with white sesame seeds and some spices.
7. Seal the foil closely and bake for 10 mintures.(preheat oven to 350F)
8. Open the foil and bake for a further 5 minutes, until the cheese is lightly browned.
9. Transfer the open foil to plates and serve immediately.

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good job

wow....the salmon seems so soft and delicous...good good job, although you still forget the white sesame..hehe....

u r at airport

haha...u guys now at airport:-),,,,almost the time to take off...have a nice trip! i still think your guy need bring down jacket....ei....maybe it is ok,,,he is so young and strong....

good good

It is said this is a traditional Japanese dish! I told Gabriele you do not know. He is surprised and said he noticed many restautants have this dish when he was in Japan. I guess maybe this dish is popular in north parts of your country, right?:-)

tks for correct my mistake

oh? French? I just made a mistake. It is Japanese dish.:-) sorry for my careless. From your description, i think the cook way is very similar. This demostrate again that it is a Japanese dish. Yes, sometimes dish varies based on different parts of country. some chinese dish that Gabriele asked me i never know.:-(