Side dish

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Swordfish tomato salad

One of the best summer salad collections. Its unexpected combinations-including cherry tomatoes, swordfish, olive-make for a lively dish. It can be served either as a side dish or main dish.

Orange Asparagus (Mayonnaise, Mustard sauce)

Jansson's Temptation (baked potatoes)

The Swedish people give potato a special name "Versatile potato", since potato is widely used in side dish of Swedish meals. There are in numerous delicious variations. "Jansson's temptation" is the best-known dish, we gonna have a try!

Salmon Egg Benedict

Split English Muffins topped with Salmon and poached eggs. An ideal late morning brunch on the weekends.

Grilled Mushroom

Grilling and barbecue, seems same thing for me. both ways is a form of cooking that involves dry heat applied to the surface of food. Grill-pan plays an important role in the whole process, if you enjoy indoor home barbecue.

Asparagus with eggs

It is really one of the simplest side dish. Two boiled stuff(asparagus+eggs) are placed together. but never ignore the taste of this dish...try and then you will find the answer.

Potatoes with rosemary

Typical home make dish with full of flavor. Easy and healthy. Rosemarry does a key role in this dish. The flavor is not only in your mouth, but also in the room everywhere.


Hello kitty, Is that cute? Pancake is an American style breakfast. On a sunny morning of holiday, spend some time on it, is one of your choice you will like. Here is the classical all-American pancake, the basis for seemingly endless variations.

Blood Oranges Salad

Classic recipe from Sicily where blood oranges are a typical product

Vegetable salad

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