Second Course

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Crabmeat Stuffed mushroom

"Mushroom ball"is the cute name i call this dish usually. That cute appearance also present us good taste, a very good choice as snack(side dish) when friends gathering time. Personally, i like big big mushroom, that easy to fill in the crabmeat, and give u more time to meet the requirement from your mouth and stomach.

Grilled Salmon

Scallop with bean

Scallop with cheese are good partners, tipically westen dish. here the dish is more chinese style. have a try, that will not disppoint you.

Snapper fish 2

Snapper fish 1

Swordfish Rolls

Stuffed swordfish rolls typical of Sicily. Ideal second course in a home style seafood based meal.

Pescespada Gratinato

baked swordfish with a breadcrumb crust

Saltimbocca alla Romana

Veal rolls stuffed with prosciutto

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