Second Course

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Shanghai Style Roasted Duck

Salmon Miso-Mayo

A tempting salmon dish. Miso-Mayo goes well together, which brings mouthful flavor to this dish. The cooking way (salmon sealed with foil) make the salmon taste so soft and juicy.

Home made Pizza(porcini mushroom, anchovies)

Grilled Filet Mignon

I enjoy Filet Mignon a lot. It is very slim and so soft, which is the best part of a cow. People usually like this dish to be cooked in rare level, since the meat tastes hard if we cook it well done.

Tomato, Olive and Cheese stuffed Zucchini

My mother usually stir-fries sliced zucchini(西葫芦) with eggs, which is a typical Chinese cooking way. we love it. After trying this Italian recipe, we say we love it as well.

Mozzarella, Anchovies Stuffed eggplant

In Chinese cuisine, the eggplant is usually braised (红烧茄子), stewed (鱼香茄子), or steamed (凉拌茄子). When I tried this dish in Italy, I discovered the complete different way to enjoy eggplant. Try it, you will not be disappointed!

Chicken roll with anchovies, sage and chives

Veal rolls stuffed with prosciutto is a very traditional Rome recipe. In this recipe, we use the chicken to replace the veal and use other ingredients as filling. What is the difference? Try it, and you will find the answer.

Egg in cocotte

Grilled Zucchini and Shrimp

This is an Italian style dish. But grilled-pan used in this dish is not really popular in Italy, instead it is an typical American cooking tool. This heavy pan is not expensive at all, but be very useful. A good tool for you enjoying indoor barbecue.

Branzino al Sale

The salt crust keeps the fish moist

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