Do You Enjoy the Saltimbocca alla Romana (Veal Rolls)?

People: Emiko, Keith, Dongdong, Alley
Time: Feb. 21st, 2011
Place: home

After continued several days raining, finally we welcome a nice sun-shining Sunday. As planned we met with Emiko couple at Cambell Farmer Market in this morning, then we gonna have a Sunday Dinner at my home...


Appetizer: Brood orange salad, prosciutto and Salami
First Dish: Ragu pasta
Second Dish: Saltimbocca alla Romana
Side Dish: Green salad
Dessert: Panna Cotta

Can not wait drinking?

Be Smiling!!


What is the dish for next time? Thinking...

with our preasure

tks guys, you enjoyed.
you know what? For lunch time, Chikago and I tried to warm the mochi in school. But....we do not expect the micro wave is so powerful:-) all the mochis became one pcs and very sticky. Originally i think others also can enjoy the big is difficult to divided into several pcs...finally i finshed all by myself.:-) It is so good. Just Gabriele should wait and enjoy your mochi next time.