How to open a sparkling wine bottle

1. Put the wine in refrigerator at least one day, to make sure that the wine is at right temperature. If you have champagne bucket, fill it with ice, water and salt.
2. Remove the cover. Be careful that do not rip off the whole cover, otherwise the bottle looks ugly.
3. Take off the cage.
4. Hold the cork and turn the bottle. (Try not to shake the bottle before opening it. Make sure you have glasses close to you, in case when the wine bursts out of the bottle, you can fill the wine in glass right away.)
5. Pour the wine into glasses slowly. Be careful that the wine is not overflow. Never fill the glass all the way.(in Chinese way, it is polite that host fill the glass full to express respect; however, western people fill the glass in half or a little bit more.)
6. Place the bottle into bucket to keep cold.