Essential Cooking Tools

Sophisticated equipment in Italian kitchen? I have to say "yes". They start with pan, pot, knife, cutting colander, meat mallet, grater, food mill...etc, that make me dizzy sometimes. As Chinese, wok is the tool be used most often, that is as perfect an all purpose cooking pot as exists, and has remained basically unchanged for thousands of years. Do not worry, here i just bring you to Essential Cooking Tools, that is as simple as Chinese wok.

Pasta Pot

With the holes on the cover, it is an easy way to drain pasta well when the pasta is done.

Non-Stick Skillet

For low-fat frying on a high heat. Also for cooking vegetables in olive oil and garlic.


The traditional pan for frying, make sauce and dish. compare with Non-stick skillet, the food is much easy to be burned and stick to the bottom of pan.

Box grater

Staninless steel grater with 4 sides. Usually the medium holes used most often, for hard cheese. The larger holes for shredding softer cheese or vegetables.

Mini food processor

This machine bring us a simple but effective solution. Chopping, shredding, mixing...such various repetitive tasks now can be done in just minutes.

stock pot

can also be used as a regular pan. but when u make stock, that can not be replaced by a flying pan.