Spring holiday Gathering (Japanese and Chinese food)

美食篇。 Japanese and Chinese food!

人物篇。 Big Smile!

运动篇。 广播体操开始拉!(Wii Dance Game)

We are friends!

wo..seems delicious

Pho is the best food in school cafeti, but yours seems much better than it.:-) look at the picture you with the dog.....you are so so sexy!! I think this is the best moment i caught in this gathering.

you are sexy la..

haha....your guy is funny! he said in this way is in purpose. You should ask him: honey, do you think i am becoming more and more sexy once we got married? hehe....Then he will definitely say "oh, yes, yes".:-) Kidding here...I think he is just modest, which is the typical character of Japanese.