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Spring holiday Gathering (Japanese and Chinese food)

美食篇。 Japanese and Chinese food!

Hello kitty egg

Do You Enjoy the Saltimbocca alla Romana (Veal Rolls)?

People: Emiko, Keith, Dongdong, Alley
Time: Feb. 21st, 2011
Place: home

After continued several days raining, finally we welcome a nice sun-shining Sunday. As planned we met with Emiko couple at Cambell Farmer Market in this morning, then we gonna have a Sunday Dinner at my home...

Beijing Roast Duck (北京全聚德烤鸭)

Bread collection II 做了些面包

Pita: Split pita in half and stuff the pockets with your favorite vegetable, meat or cheese filling.
English Muffin: Split and topped with harm and eggs for brunch.
Pide: traditional Turkish ridged flat bread.

Hello kitty kit

非常可爱的Kitty猫rice ball, 还是很不好意思地把它吃掉了。 头上的蝴蝶结是用三文鱼做的, 剪裁地不好, 使Kitty看上去有点弱智的样子, 真不好意思, 下次做的好些。

Kitty这个很女性化的猫(就像加菲,男性化),她干净、温顺、乖巧、无害。 日本人把她发挥到了极致。
Hello Kitty product range goes all the way from purses, hats, stickers and pen sets to televisions, clothing, and computer equipment, and many other consumer products.

今天买了一套Kitty的模具,小试一下, 很是可爱,分享一下, 有空也可玩一下, 很童趣的样子。

Polish rye bread

motogp 2010, Laguna Seca

Laguna Seca向来是motogp非常著名的一个站点。 本着对“famous "Corkscrew" at Turns 8 and 8A“的无限好奇, 2010的7月终于来此看看。
除了精彩的赛况, 有幸还参加了由一群情绪高涨的意大利人组成的BBQ party. 美食呀,来吃吃!!

Growing Garden


查了下维基百科, 上面说:
Food historians say the Romans ate mixed greens and dressing, and the Babylonians were known to have dressed greens with oil and vinegar two thousand years ago.

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